Visual Learning Analytics Researcher                                                        Jan. 2016 – Present

SSHRC fellowship researching visual learning analytics in blended and online learning environments


Mobile Application Researcher                                                            Sept. 2013 – Dec. 2014

CanAsisst fellowship researching visual analytics solutions in the mobile health application space


Business Analytics Lab Researcher                                                       May 2012 – Aug. 2012

SAP Internship designing and developing personal visual analytics solutions in the time management space


Mobile Application Design Researcher                                                Sept. 2011 – Feb. 2012

Westcoast Child Dev. Group internship designing a mobile health application for anxiety management

Select Research Appointments

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Publications, Workshops, and Posters

Fellowships and Scholarships

Why do I stare at a computer screen all day?

Despite the many positive correlations between self-regulated learning (SRL) with academic success, limited research examines how online learners metacognitively monitor and reflect upon their learning. Learning analytics tools may be used to aid in the expansion of learner’s understanding of persistence and engagement through monitoring and evaluation, providing learners formative feedback on their self-regulatory processes as they transpire. My research explores how learning analytics employing visualization techniques may positively impact online learners. The strategic use of visualizations within these tools could provides actionable intelligence to learners on a “just in time” basis, garnering attentiveness, memorability, and the pattern recognition integral to insight generation. Pedagogically motivated visual learning analytics could increase the likelihood of academic success for a rapidly growing population of adult learners. Longitudinal study of these constructs allow for deeper exploration of the theoretical models of self-regulated learning, goal orientation, motivation, and the impact of aesthetics on the adoption and sustained use of learning analytics tools. This research contributes to the design and evaluation of pedagogically motivated learning analytics tools employing visualizations, human computer interaction, and post-secondary education.



Ph.D. Interactive Arts and Technology, Visual Learning Analytics Focus          2015-present

Simon Fraser University


M.Ed. in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Technology Education                       2013

University of Victoria Thesis: “Visualization Data For Learning Analytics”


M.A. in Television, Film and New Media Production                                                        2007

Educational Technology Certificate in Distance Learning

San Diego State University Thesis: “Virtual Reel: Multimedia Marketing and Distribution on the Internet”


B.S. in Acoustical Engineering                                                                                           2001

Purdue University


Health Informatics

SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship                           2016-2019


Helmut & Hugo Eppich Family Graduate Scholarship                                                    2015


Andrew Wade Memorial Scholarship in Visual Analytics                                                2015


School of Interactive Arts and Technology Graduate Fellowship                                   2015


MITACS Research Fellow                                                                                          2011-2014


Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center Trainee                                                   2012-2013


Grace Hopper Celebration of Women Scholarship sponsored by Microsoft                 2011


SDSU International Study Scholarship                                                                             2003


Certified Engineer In Training (EIT), National Council of Examiners for                        2002

Engineering and Surveying


Purdue Creating Change Scholarship                                                                              2001


Indiana American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning                    2001

Engineers Alumni Scholarship


Purdue Academic Scholarship                                                                                1996-1999


Frito Lay Academic Scholarship                                                                                        1996


Minority Engineering Academic Scholarship                                                                   1996


Visual Analytics

Interaction Design