Visual Analytics Researcher


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Formally trained as an engineer, I describe myself as an interactive visualization designer. After receiving a degree in Acoustical Engineering from Purdue University I went into news, working in the newsrooms of PBS, FOX and CBS stations. Later I obtained a master’s degree in Television, Film and New Media Production and later an M.Ed. in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Technology Education. From there I went on to work in console game development for Sony and THQ. I have worked on PSP, PS2, PS3 and Wii games. This experience and love of all things entertaining has forever shaped my perspective as a designer and my expectations for interactions with visual analytics.

I’m currently an instructor for the Art Institute and doing visual learning analytics research at Simon Fraser University. I received a SSHRC grant for my research, and have published a book chapter, A Language and a Space: Visualizing Learning Online, in the learning analytics textbook, Developing Effective Educational Experiences through Learning Analytics.


In information visualization, the question is the answer. Visualizations must effectively address users' query and analysis needs; they may also be used to provide formative feedback during the users' process of discovery. I seek to explore how interactive systems employing novel visualization techniques may be used to create engaging, positive feedback loops. Specifically, I want to explore the question: how may visual analytics be used to improve learning, self-regulation, self-awareness, and communication?

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My research draws from theories and research methods self-regulation in education, human computer interaction, and game theory to help users visually extract meaningful patterns from their data.

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In the console video game industry I worked on PSP, PS2, PS3 and Wii projects with inspiring individuals.

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My work takes many different forms. I am fascinated with the power of all storytelling mediums and often do film projects, iI addition to the work in games and television I did in previous positions.