health problems. They account for  63% of all deaths worldwide, and 90% of the 9 million people under 60 years of age who died from chronic disease in 2008 were in low- and middle-income countries. In addition, comorbidity issues complicate effective day to day management and quality of life for people living with chronic disease.

Of course not, I love being creative and my work takes many different forms. I am fascinated with the power of all storytelling mediums and often do film projects, in addition to the work in games and television I did in previous positions.


The following projects are listed in chronological order, with the most recent listed first.  All projects described below – plus some additional ones – may be found on my YouTube channel.

Is research and teaching all I do?

Videos, Games, & Other Commercial Projects

Flourish is a mobile application I designed to assist those with chronic health conditions in remote and/or under served regions. The application is meant to aid in recording high fidelity for care management motivated by both those with the conditions and their health care team.


Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis – are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all

My film short for the Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale won the Audience Choice Award in ArtShots Film Competition (2010).




I had a grand time filming and mixing the music for this 2010 short video for San Jose Taiko.

Milagro is a modern fantasy fable about a child whose wisdom is greater than that exemplified by  the adults in the community. The film seeks to question the viewers’ investments in the creation of gender, something widely identified

as being “natural” and basic to the human existence.  It also pokes fun at the concept of heteronormativity, as well as the middle class’ strict adherence to normalcy, even to its own detriment. In Milagro the suburban setting of the story has a subtext of normalcy that is at odds with the very strong sense of categorization and conformity that drive the community.

The Building Champions, Building Leaders softball documentary was produced while I was at San Diego State University.



Before I began working on iPhone apps, I worked in console video game production.  Here is a sample of the games I have production credit on:










            ATV4                 Killzone Liberation                NBA ’08                Destroy All Humans

           for PSP                  for PSP & PS2                     for PSP                         for the Wii




I edited the ATV Offroad Fury Credits video while working as a line producer on this PS2 and PSP game.  It was great fun to make!


The commercials on my YouTube channel aired on Fox, PBS or CBS stations. I wrote and edited all of them and shot 80% of the footage.


All the interviews I did for A-list stars were housed on the Audition for Hollywood site. Interviewees included Ben Afleck, Liam Neeson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ridley Scott.